What Are We Up To?

Follow along to see some of the incredible work that Conway Electrical Services has been up to!

This page is continually updated with photos from current jobs.  Check back often, to see what we’re up to!

January 18, 2019: Conway Electrical Services will be CLOSED until Tuesday. We are taking a much needed weekend off. We can’t wait to get back to our customers on Tuesday. Thanks for your continued support and business!! 🔌💡🔦

Cold seasons are coming! New company swag for those chilly mornings!

We’ve all experienced power outages, and sometimes they last for days. This customer won’t have to worry with a brand new Generator to power their home. Ever thought about installing a generator? Give us a call!

New company shirts are keeping us looking fresh! (The top one comes in kid sizes, too! HELLO COMPANY SWAG!!)

Out with the old, and in with the new. Wiring up steel case furniture for a busy corporation in Sudbury, Ma.

This kitchen got a little bit brighter, with the help of some LED under cabinet lighting.  Under cabinet lighting is a great way to be able to showcase your countertop, backsplash, or even just allow you to have more lighting in your prep area when cooking!


Beautiful pole lighting at a residential home in Wellesley, MA


Don’t let this happen to you!  This is what can happen to an exhaust fan, if it’s not taken care of.  This customer almost had a fire, but Mike was able to repair the fixture, and ensure its safety.


Bedside lighting.  This is a great way to clear night stands of regular lamps, and provide more space for your books!

custom kitchen lighting

Custom kitchen lighting in a home built to be sold in Bedford, MA.  Recessed, under cabinet, and pendant lighting.

dining room lighing

Unique dining room fixtures.

dining room light with cove lighting

Cove lighting in a dining room.

garage lighting

Simple outdoor lighting above a garage to brighten up the driveway.


Unique lighting in a hallway with vaulted ceilings.


Custom outdoor recessed lighting to make this stunning porch stand out.

pendant lighting

Pendant lighting in a dining room.

recessed lighting

Brightening up a conversation nook with recessed lighting.

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